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Callipateira or Kallipateira.

Slaves and “Barbarians” could watch the Games (only in the Hellenistic times and later) but not married women! An exception was the priestess of Demeter, Chamyne, who used to sit at the altar of the goddess, which was situated exactly opposite the tribune of the chief judges of the Games, the Hellanodikae. Kallipateira the Pherenice a widowed mother from a rich family exiled from Rhodes broke the law according to which the punishment was Death but she survived because she was a mother of winners of the Games.

...She came to Olympia in 404 BC to watch with pride her son who was going to compete for an Olympic victory like his uncles and other ancestors before him. Having entered the stadion in the guise of a trainer, she could not, however, restrain her enthusiasm upon her son's victory in the boxing event, and as she jumped over the fence of the trainer's stand in order to go to him and embrace him, her mantle slipped over her shoulder thus betraying her female sex. However, the Hellanodikae, i.e. the chief judges of the Games, acquitted her from the prescribed punishment out of respect for her father, her brothers and her son: an entire dynasty of Olympic victors who were an honour to her family, her country and the gods. After this incident, however, the Hellanodikae decided that trainers who accompanied athletes to the Games should enter the Stadion naked (Com. Bind. 01.VIII, Ael.n.h. I 1. Aischenenes Lett. 4,5), Nikos Yalouris WOMEN IN ANCIENT GREECE THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO LETTERS, SCIENCE, POLITICS AND SPORT

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