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Callinicus (gr. Kallinikos), surnamed Sutorius, a Greek sophist and rhetorician, was a native of Syria, or, according to others, of Arabia Petraea. He taught rhetoric at Athens in the reign of the emperor Gallienus (259-268 AD), and was an opponent of the rhetorician Genethlius. (Suid. s. vv. Kallinikos, Genethlios, and Ioulianos Domnou.) Suidas and Eudocia (p. 268) mention several works of Callinicus, all of which are lost, with the exception of a fragment of an eulogium on Rome, which is very inferior both in form and thought. It is printed in L. Allatius' "Excerpt. Rhet. et Sophist." pp. 256-258, and in Orelli's. edition of Philo, "De VII Spect. Orb." Lipsiae, 1816, 8vo. Among the other works of Callinicus there was one on the history of Alexandria, in ten books, mentioned by Suidas and Eudocia, and referred to by Jerome in the preface to his commentary on Daniel. (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. iii. p. 36, vi. p. 54.)

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