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Callicritus (gr. Kallikritos), a Theban, was sent as ambassador from the Boeotians to the Roman senate, 187 BC, to remonstrate against the requisition of the latter for the recall of Zeuxippus from exile. The sentence of banishment had been passed against him both for sacrilege and for the murder of Brachyllas [see p. 502, a.]; and Cgllicritus represented to the Romans on behalf of his countrymen, that they could not annul a sentence which had been legally pronounced. The remonstrance was at first unavailing, though ultimately the demand of the senate was not pressed. (Polyb. xxiii. 2.) It was probably the same Callicritus who strongly opposed in the Boeotian assembly the views of Perseus. He appears even to have gone to Rome to warn the senate of the king's schemes, and was murdered, by order of the latter, on his way back. (Liv. xlii. 13, 40.)

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