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Callibius, one leader of the democratic party at Tegea, 370 BC, who having fiiled in obtaining the sanction of the Tegeans assembly for the project of uniting the Arcadian towns into one body. endeavoured to gain their point by an appeal to arms. These were, however, defeated by the oligarchical leader, Stasippus, and Proxenus, the colleague of Callibius, was slain. Callibius on this retreated with his forces close to the walls of the city, and, while he affected to open a negotiation with Stasippus, waited for the arrival of a reinforcement for which he had sent from Mantineia. On its appearance, Stasippus and his friends fled from the city and took refuge in the temple of Artemis; but the party of Callibius unroofed the building and attacked them with missiles, and being thus obliged to surrender, they were taken to Tegea and put to death after the mockery of a trial. (Xen. Hell. vi. 5. § 6, &c.; comp. Paus. viii. 27.)

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