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Calamis / Kalamis (fl. 5th century BC) was a sculptor of ancient Greece.

He was possibly from Boeotia, but nothing certain is known of his life. He is known to have worked in marble, bronze, gold, and ivory, and was famed for statues of horses.

According to Pausanias (9.16.1), Calamis produced a statue of Zeus Ammon for Pindar, and at 9.22.1 mentions a Hermes Criophorus for Tanagra, which was later depicted on Roman coinage of the city. His status of Apollo Alexikakos stood in the Ceramicus of Athens. He produced his most ambitious work, a 20-cubit statue of Apollo for Apollonius Pontica (Pliny 34.29, Strabo 7.319) in the city Apollonia Pontica. His Sosandra (‘Saviour of Men’) on the Akropolis was praised by Lucian, and may have been copied for Aspasia, which in turn was copied by the Romans.

He also produced the image of Aphrodite according to Pausanias which was near the Propylaea, a dedication of Callias


A different Calamis of the 4th century BC was a teacher of Praxias.

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