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Athenagoras, a physician, the author of an unedited treatise on the Pulse and on Urine, of which there is a Latin MS. of the eleventh century in the Royal Library at Paris. Some bronze coins struck at Smyrna in honour of a person named Athenagoras were thought by Dr. Mead (in his Dissert. de Nummis quibusdam a Smyrnaeis in Medicorum Honorem percussis, Lond. 1724, 4to.) to refer to the physician of this name; but this is now generally considered to be a mistake. (See Dict. of Ant. s. v. Medicus.) A work on Agriculture by a person of the same name is mentioned by Varro (De Re Rust. i. 1. § 9) and Columella (De Re Rust. i. 1. § 10).

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