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Anastasia Perraki
Birthdate: July 20, 1985
Birth location: Athens, Greece
Birth name: Anastasia Perraki
Measurements: 37-25-37 (US); 89-61-89 (EU)
Height: 179 cm; 5'11"
Weight: 127 lb (57 kg)
Eye color: Green-Grey
Hair color: Light brown
Ethnicity: Greek

Anastasia Perraki, also spelled Anastasia Peraki, (Greek: Αναστασία Περράκη) born 1985 in Athens, is one of Greece's new fashion models. She might be new to the fashion world but has already appeared on the covers of numerious international fashion magazines such as Bazaar, Madame and Marie Claire. Aside from the fashion jobs she does in Greece, she has also been noticed by the fashion industries abroad, working in France, Portugal and Italy. Recently she had caught the attention and interest of an American fashion agency interested in signing her up. Anastasia come from a close knit family who follow her career and are proud of her accomplishments so far.


  • Goes to the gym everyday
  • Playmate 2005
  • Miss Star Hellas 2003
  • Favorite models Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen
  • Her best features are her eyes


  • Action Management
  • Klik Magazine


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