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Alex Kavadias (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Καββαδίας) is one of Greece's new faces in the fashion world. He has appeared in numerous fashion magazines and events promoting Greek and international products. He was also one of the models shown photographed on the 2004 Summer Olympics music CDs as well as one of the models used to promote the Olympic clothing line released in accordance with the 2004 Summer Olympics event in Greece. He is currently being represented by Ace Models.

He was also the lead singer for the alternative rock band Matisse in theirs album Rock 'N Roll Mafia (2009).

Personal life

Alex Kavvadias was born in Sydney Australi and grew up in the poorer inner west suburbs of Sydney. He grew up and lived in MArrickville which had a large Greek migrant population. He went to West Marrickville Primary school and then went to Dulwich High School. This school has since closed and has reopened very recently as a visual art specialist school. However at the time Alex went there it was a struggling school that eventually had to close its doors as a mainstream Sydney High School. When he was 15, in grade 9 Alex left Dulwich High School and moved to Tempe High School one month after the school year had already started.

Alex had a very difficult time during his teenage years. Moving to a new school, he was quickly targeted by bully's and was picked on. He had a shy personality and found it difficult to make friends. He suffered through a from severe facial acne that crept down his neck and spread across his upper torso. As a result of his condition Alex used to wear long sleeved tops to cover up his embarrassing acne marks. During his school years Alex was a victim of severe bullying for being different. His sexuality was often questioned as he shunned the popular school sports favoured by the boys such as football and soccer. Alex spent most of his time trying to avoid the bully's and would hide out in the library. His best friends at school were girls who helped him to slowly settle in to the new school. Often he could be hiding out from the physical bullying in the school garden or toilets.

In his final year in high school, Alex became more confident and learnt to ignore the cruel taunts but he never gave up his dream of becoming a famous performer and would often entertain his small group of friends by jumping around, waving his arms around and sing as though he were performing on stage with renditions of "When will I be famous" by his favourite band at the time BROS. When Bros visited Australia Alex met them at the airport along with hundreds of other fans, he also attended their concert in Sydney. In fact many of his school yard performances were based on BROS and have influenced his current unique stage style. In his last year of high school he began to focus on his acting skills and scored a role in the popular Australian evening soap series "Home and Away". Ironically he played the role of an aggressive soccer player. He received approximately $AU500 for saying one line. This was just the encouragement that Alex needed to convince him that he had a future in entertainment.

Academically he didn't do very well in the Australian High School Certificate and for a few years after graduating from high school, he worked in casual dead end retail jobs and it seemed that his dream of being famous was fading. However when the Olympics came to Sydney the influx of high profile visitors provided him with the networking opportunity that he needed to start his career. He began modelling and soon got involved in music. In fact he is a self taught musician and now has a large following as the lead member of the rock Greek band Matisse

Job Appearances

Dolce & Gabbana
Autumn Cashmere
2004 Summer Olympics music CDs & clothing line
Alexi Andrioti


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