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Aggelis Gatsos (Greek: Αγγελής Γάτσος) (1771 - 1839) was a Slavophone Greek[1] military commander during the Greek War of Independence. He was born in the village of Sarakinovo, today known as Sarakini (Aridaia municipality, Pella Prefecture), in the Moglena region.

Aggelis Gatsos played an important role during the Greek War of Independence, not only in Macedonia, but also in Rumeli. He joint the klepht bands of Central Macedonia at the age of 20 and played a leading role during the liberation of Naoussa from the Ottomans in February 1822. After the city was destroyed by the Ottoman Army, he escaped with Anastasios Karatasos to southern Greece where he took part in many battles of the Revolution. In 1826 he went to Euboea, were he created his own band and participated in the battle of Atalanti Island. After the creation of the independent Greek State, he joint the Army and died in Chalkida as Colonel in 1839.

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