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Agasias was the name of two different Greek sculptors.


Agasias (Αγασίας), son of Dositheus, signed the remarkable statue called the Borghese Warrior, in the Louvre.

Statue of a fighting Gaul. Parian marble.

247. Statue of a fighting Gaul. Parian marble.

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Found in the Agora of the Italians on Delos.
The warrior, wounded in the thigh, fas fallen to the ground on his right knee, and will have
been attempting to defend himself against his enemy with his left arm.
On the ground, next to him rests a Galatian helmet.
Typical example of Late Hellenistic sculpture with features of the
Pergamene school. According to one view the statue was probably made by the sculptor Agasias,
about 100 BC.

Agasias, son of Menophilus, is the author of another striking figure of a warrior in the museum of Athens.

Both belonged to the school of Ephesus and flourished approx. 100 BC

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