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The Affecter (or Affected Painter) was an Attic black-figure vase painter, active in Athens around 550 to 530 BCE.[1]

His conventional name (his real name being unknown today, as none of his works are signed) is derived from his artificial affected style of figural painting, on the basis of which about 135 vases can be ascribed to him. He was active as both potter and painter. His speciality were amphorae. He mainly painted ovoid amphorae and belly amphorae, of the then newly introduced type C. Most of the 132 vases associated with him were found in Etruscan tombs and as such are usually well preserved.

He was interested particularly in the decorative effect of his images, composed of stylised figures in long cloaks or with affected gestures; narrative content was secondary. In his tendency to formulaic figures and multiple details, the Affecter is a successor to the Amasis Painter, from whom he may have learnt his trade, but whose artistic talent he did not however reach. Together with the painter Elbows Out, he is considered to be a mannerist of the black-figure style.

His images often seem to reflect a surreal world. His figures usually have small heads and seemingly upholstered bodies, when clothed, or angular pointed ones, when naked. His ornaments are very carefully drawn. He often decorated garments with coloured dots. His ornaments seem closely related to those of East Greek workshops, such as the Klazomenai Group or the Northampton Group, indicating regular cultural exchange between Attica and Ionia. A special feature of his amphorae is the replacement of the usual figural decoration on the neck by vegetal ornaments.

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Boardman dates his activity to 540-520 BC.


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