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Adamantios Sampson (Αδαμάντιος Σάμψων) is a Greek archaeologist. He worked as an Inspector of Antiquities for the Greek Administration of Antiquity. He is specialised in research on prehistoric Neolithic and Mesolithic sites in southern Greece. Among the sites he has studied are the "Cave of Cyclope" on the islet of Youra near Alonissos in the Νοrthern Sporades; the islet of Υali near Nisyros; the site Maroulas on Kythnos island; the site Kerame on Ikaria island; Sarakenos Cave on Boeotia; the cave "Skoteini" in Euboea; the "Cave of the Lakes" near Kalavryta in the Peloponnese and many other sites in Euboea and Dodecanese. Among his best-known finds are the so-called Youra Potsherds, prehistoric pottery fragments incised with markings that some people believe resemble letters of the Greek alphabet. Since 1999 professor in the University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes.

Field experience

Director of archaeological surveys and excavations of both prehistoric and historic periods in open air sites and caves in Euboea (Chalkis, Eretria, Kyme, Aliveri, Kerinthos, etc.), Thebes, Dodecanese (Rhodes, Telos, Alimnia, Leros, Yali, Karpathos), Peloponnese (Cave of Nestor, Kastria): 1973-1981. Director of Rhodes project: 1977-1981 (published). Systematic surveys and excavations in caves and neolithic open air sites in Rhodes and the surrounding islands. Director of Manika project: 1982-1990 (published) Systematic excavation of an Early Bronze Age town and cemetery near Chalkis, Euboea. Systematic surveys and perspections. Grant from the National Geographic Society, 1986-1987. Director of Kaloyerovrysi project: 1984-1991 (published) Systematic excavation of a Bronze Age settlement and cemetery near Chalkis, Euboea. Director of Yali project: 1986-1990: Systematic excavation of a Neolithic settlement and cemetery on the island Yali, near Nissiros, Dodecanese (published). Ethnoarchaeological research 1992-1996 (published). Director of Skoteini Cave project, Tharrounia, Euboea: 1986 -1991 (published). Systematic excavation and surveys in the cave, Neolithic settlement and cemetery. Ethnoarchaeological research. Director of the Cave of Lakes project, at Kastria, Kalavryta, Peloponnese, 1992-1994 (published). Systematic excavation and survey in the cave and the surrounding area. Neolithic and Bronze Age deposits. Ethnoarchaeological research. Director of the Cave of Cyclope Project, Youra, Northern Sporades, 1992-1996. Systematic excavation in the cave and surveys on the nearby islands. Neolithic, Mesolithic and Upper Palaeolithic finds (published). Director of the Cave of Sarakenos Project, Boeotia, 1994 ongoing Systematic excavation in the cave containing deposits from Middle Palaeolithic to MBA. Systematic surveys in the caves at the edge of the former lake Kopais. Director of the Mykonos Project, 1995–2003 Systematic excavation at Ftelia, a Late Neolithic settlement on the island of Mykonos Director of the Maroulas Kythnos Project Systematic excavation of the Mesolithic settlement and surface survey of the island (1996–2005) Director of Ikaria Project 2004 ongoing Surveys and excavations in Mesolithic and Neolithic sites, ongoing Director of the Wadi Hamarash, Jordan Project 2006 ongoing Surface surveys and excavation in a PPNB settlement (8th mill. BC) and in a PPNA site (10th mill. BC)

Published works

40 books and 160 articles. Some of them are:

1981 - Eυβοϊκή Κύμη Ι (Εuboean Kyme I), Archive of Euboean Studies, Athens.
1981 - H Nεολιθική και η Πρωτοελλαδική Ι στην Εύβοια (The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age I in Euboea),PhD, Archive of Euboean Studies, Athens.
1985 - Mάνικα Ι. Μία Πρωτοελλαδική πόλη κοντά στη Χαλκίδα (Manika I. An Early Bronze Age settlement near Chalkis), Arch. of Euboean Studies, Athens.
1987 - Η Νεολιθική περίοδος στα Δωδεκάνησα (The Neolithic period in the Dodecanese),ΤAP Ministry of Culture, Athens.
1988 - Mάνικα ΙΙ. Ο ΠΕ οικισμός και το νεκροταφείο (Manika II. The Early Bronze Age settlement and cemetery), Municipality of Chalkis.
1993 - To σπήλαιο Σκοτεινή στα Θαρρούνια της Εύβοιας (Skoteini at Tharrounia. The cave, the settlement and the cemetery), Eph. of Spelaeology,Ministry of Culture, Athens.
1993 - Καλογερόβρυση. Ένας οικισμός της Πρώιμης Εποχής του Χαλκού στα Φύλλα της Εύβοιας (Κaloyerovrysi. A settlement of the Early Bronze Age at Phylla, Euboea), Eph. of Spelaeology, Ministry of Culture, Athens
1993 - Late Neolithic remains at Tharrounia, Euboea. A model for the seasonal use of settlements and caves, BSA 87, 61..
1995 - Σκοπέλου Λαϊκός Πολιτισμός (The Folk Culture of Skopelos), Folk Museum of Skopelos.
1996 - Excavation at the Cave of Cyclope, Youra. In E. Alram-Stern, ed., 'Die Agaische Frühzeit (2. serie). Forschungsbericht 1975-1993. Wien. pp. 507–520.
1997 - Η εθνοαρχαιολογία του Γυαλιού της Νισύρου: Εποχικές μετακινήσεις στα νησιά του ΝΑ Αιγαίου (The Ethnoarchaeology of Υali, Nisyros: Periodic Migrations in the islands of the Southeast Aegaean), Athens: Dodecanesian Society for Literature and Arts.
1997 - Το σπήλαιο των Λιμνών στα Καστριά Καλαβρύτων: Μια προϊστορική θέση στην ορεινή Πελοπόννησο (The Cave of the Lakes at Kastria Kalavryta: A Prehistoric Site in the Ηighlands of the Peloponnese), Athens, Monograph in Society of Peloponnesian Studies.
1998 - The Neolithic and Mesolithic occupation of the Cave of Cyclope, Youra, Alonnessos, Greece. BSA 93, 1-21
1998 - Sampson A., J. Kozlowski 1998, Εntre l' Anatolie et les Balkans: une sequence mésolithique-néolithique de l' ile de Youra (Sporades du Nord), in M. Otte (ed.), Prehistoire de l' Anatolie, Genése de deux mondes, ERAUL 1998, 125-141.
1998 - Sampson A., Y. Facorellis, Y. Maniatis 1998, New evidence for the cave occupation during the late Neolithic period in Greece, Proceedings of C14 Conference Lyon, 279.
1999 - Sampson A. & Ι. Liritzis 1999, Archaeological and archaeometrical research at Yali, Dodecanese, ΤUΒΑ-AR 2, 101-115
1999 - Αulis mycenienne et la route maritime de l' Egee du Nord, volume in honour of Μ. Wiener, in R. Laffineur (ed.), Meletemata. Studies in Aegean Archaeology, III, 741-746.
1999 - Sampson A., J. Kozlowski 1999, Τhe cave of Cyclope in the Northern Aegean. A specialized fishing shelter of the Mesolithic and the Neolithic period, Neo-lithics 3, Berlin.
2000 - Nήσος Σκόπελος. Μια ιστορική και αρχαιολογική αφήγηση (Skopelos. An historical and archaeological narration), Folk Museum of Skopelos.
2001 - Η αρχαιολογική έρευνα στις Βόρειες Σποράδες (The Archaeology of Northern Sporades), Municipality of Alonnessos.
2001 - Liritzis I. & A. Sampson 2001 (eds),The Aegean Basin between the Balkans, Anatolia and Near East. Local experimentation and outward interactions in an island society, Proceedings of symposium, Rhodes.
2002 - The Neolithic settlement at Ftelia, Mykonos, Univ. of the Aegean.
2002 - Sampson A., J. Kozlowski, M Kaczanowska, V. Giannouli 2002, The Mesolithic settlement at Maroulas, Kythnos, Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry 2, 45.
2002 - Katsarou S., A. Sampson, E. Dimou 2002, Obsidian as temper in the Neolithic pottery from Yali, Greece, Neolithic pottery, in V. Kilikoglou, A. Hein and Y. Maniatis (eds), Modern trends in scientific studies on Ancient Ceramics, ΒAR Inter. Series 1011, 111-120.
2003 - Sampson A., J. Kozlowski, M. Kaczanowska 2003, The Μesolithic chipped stone industries from the Cyclops Cave, in C. Perlès and N. Galanidou (eds), The Greek Mesolithic: problems and perspectives, BSA, London.
2005 - Early productive stages in the Aegean Basin from 9th to 7th mill BC, in C. Lichter (ed.), Anatolian-European relations from the second half of the 7th through the first half of the 6th mill BC, Istanbul, 131-142.
2005 - Sampson Α., J. K. Kozłowski, M. Kaczanowska 2005 - Prehistoric excavations in the Aegean, New Contributions to the Early Settlement of the Aegean Islands, Proceedings of Polish Academy.
2006 - Η προϊστορία του Αιγαίου, Παλαιολιθική, Μεσολιθική, Νεολιθική, (The prehistory of the Aegean Basin), ed. Atrapos, Athens.
2006 - Πολιτισμοί του Κόσμου. Σχεδίασμα Ιστορίας και Αρχαιολογίας (Civilizations of the World) ed. Iolkos, Athens.
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2006 - Kaczanowska M., Kozlowski J. K., Sampson A. 2006, Neolithic Chipped Stone Industries from the Island of Rhodes : A Case Study of the Ayios Georgios Cave near Kalythies. In A. Erkanal-Öktü et al. (eds), Studies in Honor of Hayat Erkanal Cultural Reflections, İstanbul: Homer Kitabevi.
2007 - Προϊστορική Αρχαιολογία της Μεσογείου (Τhe prehistory of the Mediterranean Basin), ed. Kardamitsa, Athens.
2008 - Τhe Cyclops Cave on the island of Youra, Greece. Mesolithic and Neolithic networks in the Northern Aegean Basin, vol 1, INSTAP Monograph Series, Philadelphia.
2008 - The Neolithic and Bronze Age Occupation of the Sarakenos Cave in Boeotia. Cave Settlement Patterns and Population Movements in Central and Southern Greece, University of the Aegean and Polish Academy, Athens.
2008 - Sampson A., M. Kaczanowska, J. K. Kozlowski, The first Mesolithic site in the eastern part of the Aegean Basin: excavations into the site Kerame I on the island of Ikaria 2008, in Annual of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, 321-329.
2008 - Poulianos N. & A. Sampson 2008, Mesolithic human remains from Kythnos island, Greece, Human Evolution, 23, 187-203.
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2009 - Sampson A., M. Kaczanowska, J. Kozlowski 2009, Sarakenos Cave in Boeotia from Palaeolithic to the Early Bronze Age, in Eurasian Prehistory 6 (1), 1-33.
2010 - Sampson A., M. Kaczanowska, J. Kozlowski, The prehistory of the island of Kythnos and the Mesolithic settlement of Maroulas, Polish Academy and University of the Aegean, Kraków.
2010 - Μεσολιθική Ελλάδα. Παλαιοπεριβάλλον, Οικονομία, Τεχνολογία, (Μesolithic Greece). Palaeoenvironment, Palaeoeconomy and Technology, ed. Ion, Athens.
2011 - Wadi Hamarash. A new MPPNB site in Jordan, Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 54, 73-84.
2011 - The excavation of 2010 at the Wadi Hamarash-Suweif (Ghawr as-Safi), Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 54, 85-94.
2011 - The Cave of the Cyclops, vol. II. INSTAP Monograph Series, Philadelphia.
2011 - Drivaliari A., I. Liritzis, A. Sampson 2011, Stable Isotopic analysis of the molusk shells, in A. Sampson (ed.), Τhe Cyclops Cave on the island of Youra, Greece. Mesolithic and Neolithic networks in the Northern Aegean Basin. Bone tool industries, Dietary resources and archaeometric studies, Vol. II, INSTAP Academic Press, Philadelphia, 385-390.
2011 - Laskaris A., Sampson A., F. Mavridis & I. Liritzis 2011, Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene seafaring in the Aegean: New obsidian hydration dates employing the novel SIMS-SS method, Journal of Archaeological Science, 38, 2475-2479.
2012 - The 2011 excavations at Wadi Hamarash 1 and Wadi Sharara, as-Safi,Jordan, ADAJ 55, 73-83.
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2014 - To σπήλαιο Σαρακηνού στο Ακραίφνιο Βοιωτίας (Τhe Sarakenos Cave at Akraiphnion, Boeotia), Univ. of the Aegean, Munic. of Orchomenos.
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2016 - Manika. An Early Helladic settlement and cemetery, vol. II, 2nd ed. Athens.
2017 - Sampson A. & V. Mastroyiannopoulou 2017, Figurines from the Late Neolithic settlement of Ftelia, Mykonos, 30-38, in M. Marthari, C. Renfrew, M. J. Boyd (eds), Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context, Oxbow, 30-38.

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