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Automedon and the Horses of Achilles, Henri Alexandre Georges Regnault, 1868, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

In Greek mythology and history, Xanthus ("yellow"; also Xanthos) is the name of several individuals and creatures.

  • Xanthus is the name of one of Achilles' horses; see Balius and Xanthos.
  • Xanthus is one of the Mares of Diomedes.
  • Xanthus is a son of Phaenops who was killed by Diomedes.
  • Xanthus is the name of one of Hector's horses.
  • Xanthus is the gods' name for Scamander.
  • Xanthus was a Theban king, the son of Ptolemy. He was killed by Andropompus or Melanthus.
  • Xanthus was the son of Erymanthus and father of Psophis.
  • Xanthus was a son of Pan who was allied with Dionysus.
  • Xanthus was the lover of Alcinoe, who left her family to be with him.
  • Xanthus was a king of Termera.
  • Xanthus was a son of Aegyptus; he married Arcadia, one of the Danaids.
  • Xanthus was a logographer who wrote a history of Lydia.
  • Xanthus was the name of an ancient Lycian city, besieged by the Persians circa 546 BC, and by the Romans circa 42 BC.

  • Xanthus is the name of Aristotle Bolt's estate in the 1975 Disney movie Escape to Witch Mountain.

The river gods Simoeis and Xanthus against Achilles

Achilles pursued by Xanthus

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