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In Greek mythology, there were at least three different people named Thymoetes (Θυμοίτης).

  • The first was one of the elders of Troy. A soothsayer had predicted, that on a certain day a boy should be born, by whom Troy should be destroyed. On that very day Paris was born to Priam, king of Troy and Munippus to Thymoetes. Priam ordered Munippus and his mother Cylla to be killed. It is believed that Thymoetes, in order to avenge his family, advised to draw the wooden horse into the city.
  • The second was an Athenian hero, son of Oxyntes, king of Attica. Thyometes was the last Athenian king descended from Theseus. He was succeeded by Melanthus.
  • The third was a Trojan and a companion of Aeneas, who was slain by Turnus.


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