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In Greek Mythology Talthybius (gr. Ταλθύβιος, Ταλθύβιος ) was herald and friend to Agamemnon in theTrojan War. He was the one who took Briseis from the tent of Achilles. Preceding the duel of Menelaus and Paris, Agamemnon charges him to fetch a sheep for sacrifice. He died at Aegium in Achaia. He also appears in the play "The Women of Troy" - a play by the ancient playwright Euripides. He is mentioned in Iliad. 1.320, 3.118, 4.192, 7.276, 19.196, 250, 267, 23.897.

Iliad Book 1:

The men thus occupied, Agamemnon did not forget
the challenge he'd made earlier to Achilles.
He called his heralds, Talthybius and Eurybates:

"Go to Achilles' tent, Peleus's son,                                      
take fair-complexioned Briseis by the hand.                     
Bring her to me.  If he won't surrender her,
I'll come myself in force and take her.   
For him that will be a worse disaster."         

Herodotus Book 7

On the Lacedaemonians, however, the wrath of Talthybius, Agamemnon’s herald, fell with violence. Talthybius has a temple at Sparta; and his descendants, who are called Talthybiadae, still live there, and have the privilege of being the only persons who discharge the office of herald.,

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Talthybius, Louvre G146 480 /70 BC, attributed to Makron Vase Painter


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