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Ogygus (Ogyges, Ho Gygos) is a mythological ruler in ancient Greece. Son of Boiotos. His spouse was Thebe, from whom the land of Thebes in Greece derives its name.

He is said to have been king of the Ectenes, who were the first people to occupy the land of Thebes. He settled in the area then known as Acte (Akte). The land was called Ogygia in his honor, but was later known as Attica.

His children are said to be sons Eleusinus (for whom the city Elesis was named), and Kadmos, and daughters Aulis, Alalcomenia, and Thelvinia.

He is said to have lived at the time of the exodus of the House of Israel from Egypt. It is also said that during his reign Phoroneus was ruling the Argives.

A great flood in Attica in his days derives its name, the Flood of Ogygia, from him. This flood, according to tradition, is dated to 1796 BC. He survived the flood, but many people perished. After the death of Ogygus, due to the very great destructions of the flood, Attica did not have a king for 189 years, until the time of Cecrops (Cecrops Diphyes).

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