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In Greek mythology, Megara (Greek: Μέγαρα) was the daughter of Creon, the King of Thebes. She married Heracles and later his nephew Iolaus. There is a hexameter poem about her, usually attributed to Moschus. Megara figures prominently in most of the contemporary action hero retellings loosely based on Hercules' myths.

Marriage to Heracles

In reward for defending Thebes in battle, Creon offered Heracles his oldest daughter, Megara. Together they had three children (Therimachus, Deicoon, and Creontiades) , although some sources cite up to as many as eight. Hera struck Heracles with a temporary madness in which he believed his own children to be that of his arch-enemy Eurystheus. He killed them, and according to some accounts, Megara as well. However, most narratives state that Heracles could never look upon her again without remembering his murder of their children. In order to atone for these murders, he was forced to perform the Twelve Labours.

Marriage to Iolaus

When Heracles returned from his Twelve Labours, he divorced Megara and gave her to Iolaus, his nephew and companion. They had one daughter named Leipephilene, who was renowned for her beauty.


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