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Rape of Marpessa: Apollo (left, with Artemis) and Idas (right, with Marpessa) are separated by Zeus

In Greek mythology, Marpessa ( Μάρπησσα ) was a grand-daughter of Ares, an Aetolian princess. She was kidnapped by Idas but loved by Apollo as well. Zeus made her choose between them. According to another myth she was the daughter of the river god Euenus and Alcippe. She married Idas after he kidnapped her with a winged chariot. Idas did this as a challenge to her father, who after chasing the couple for a long time, killed his horses and then drowned himself in a nearby river, which took his name. Marpessa then, to please Idas, rejected Apollo’s love.


Apollo, Iris, Marpessa and Idas


Marpessa, Kleopatra and Phoenix: Iliad 9.556-565

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