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In Greek mythology , Eumedes was

Eumedes is the name of seven men in Greek mythology

1. Eumedes (also Eumeles) was a famous herald among the Trojans. He was the father of Dolon and of five daughters. [1]
the father of Dolon.

They all sat there in silence,
saying nothing.  Now, among the Trojans
was a man called Dolon, son of Eumedes,
a sacred herald, a man rich in gold and bronze.
Dolon wasn't much to look at, but he ran fast.
He was the only male child, with five sisters.
Iliad Book 10

2. Eumedes, son of Hippocoon, king of Sparta His tomb was located in the city. [2]

3. Eumedes, priest of Athena. When the Heracleidae invaded, Eumedes was suspected of wishing to betray the Palladium to them. Being afraid, he took the Palladium and took it to be hill called Creion. [3]

4. Eumedes, son of Heracles and Lyse, daughter of Thespius and Megamede[4]

5. Eumedes, son of Melas. He, along with his brothers, were killed for plotting against Oeneus. [5]

6. Eumedes, son of Dolon and a companion of Aeneas. He was killed by Turnus[6]

7. Eumedes, father of Acallaris. She married Tros. [7]


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