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In Greek mythology, the name Eleuther (Ancient Greek: Ἑλευθήρ) may refer to:

Eleuther, son of Apollo and Aethusa.[1] He is renowned for having an excellent singing voice, which earned him a victory at the Pythian games,[2] and for having been the first to erect a statue of Dionysus,[3] as well as for having given his name to Eleutherae.[4] His sons were Iasius[5] and Pierus[citation needed]. He also had several daughters, who spoke impiously of the image of Dionysus wearing a black aegis, and were driven mad by the god; as a remedy, Eleuther, in accordance with an oracle, established a cult of "Dionysus of the Black Aegis".[6]
Eleuther, a variant of the name Eleutherios, early Greek god who was the son of Zeus and probably an alternate name of Dionysus.[7]
Eleuther, one of the twenty sons of Lycaon. He and his brother Lebadus were the only not guilty of the abomination prepared for Zeus, and fled to Boeotia.[8]
Eleuther, one of the Curetes, was said to have been the eponym of the towns Eleutherae and Eleuthernae in Crete.[9]


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