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In Greek mythology, Daphnis (Δάφνις) (from Gk. daphen, "laurel" or "bay-tree") was a son of Hermes and a Sicilian nymph. A shepherd and flautist, he was the inventor of pastoral poetry. A naiad (possibly Echenais or Nomia) fell in love with him, but he was not faithful to her. In revenge, she either blinded him or turned him to stone. Pan also fell in love with him and taught him to play the pan pipes.

Longus's legend of Daphnis and Chloe describes two children who grow up together and gradually develop mutual love, eventually marrying after many adventures.

Ludomir Slendzinski: Daphnis and Chloé, 1926.

Daphnis a natural satellite of Saturn


Story of Pan and Daphnis (http://www.androphile.org/preview/Library/Mythology/Greek/Daphnis/Pan_and_Daphnis.htm)

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