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Cadmus and the Dragon

Cadmus and the Dragon

In the center, Athena with a helmet, lance and aegis hands the victory wreath to Kadmos, who is standing to her left, sword in right hand. Nike floats between the two with another wreath. To the right of Athena the serpent. To the right of this sits Demeter, to her right is Kore with two torches. Thebe sits below Demeter, with an Eros at her feet. Harmonia is sitting on Kadmos's left, Poseidon is on her left, leaning on his trident. Below him sits a naked youth (Ismenus or Ganymede) on a rock, below are Hermes with Kerykeion and a woman (Ismene or Aphrodite). Apollo is seated at the bottom right, Artemis is standing with a torch in each hand.

, Altes Museum - Antikensammlung , Berlin Germany

Cadmus Painter, end of 5th century BC., discovered in Vulci

Cadmus and the Dragon

Pottery from Berlin Museum Germany, Antike Sammlung

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