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Heracles and Auge, Phylax Scene

In Greek mythology, Auge (Αύγη / Ἄυγη) , daughter of Aleus, was a princess of Tegea who married Telephus.

Telephus was one of the Heracleidae, a son of Heracles and Princess Auge of Tegea. Her father was told by an oracle that he would be overthrown by his grandson. So he:

  1. Forced Auge to become a priestess of Athena and leave the child, Telephus, on Mt. Parthenion. He was suckled by a deer.
  2. Auge and Telephus were put in a crate and set adrift on the sea. They washed up in Asia Minor.
  3. Abandoned Telephus and sold Auge into slavery. She ended up marrying King Teuthras.


Aleus built the old sanctuary in Tegea of Athena Alea, and made Tegea the capital of his kingdom. Gortys the son of Stymphalus founded the city Gortys on a river which is also called after him. The sons of Aleus were Lycurgus, Amphidamas and Cepheus; he also had a daughter Auge.

Hecataeus says that this Auge used to have intercourse with Heracles when he came to Tegea. At last it was discovered that she had borne a child to Heracles, and Aleus, putting her with her infant son in a chest, sent them out to sea. She came to Teuthras, lord of the plain of the Caicus, who fell in love with her and married her. The tomb of Auge still exists at Pergamus above the Calcus; it is a mound of earth surrounded by a basement of stone and surmounted by a figure of a naked woman in bronze.


Another Auge is one of the Horae, presiding over the first light of the day.


Auge is also the name of several communes of France:

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