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A genre of ancient Athenian art from Greece, amazonomachy (Amazonomachia) was the art of representing Amazons, for example a scene of the battle between the Amazons and the Athenians, led by Theseus.

This could be on terracotta or by carving into marble, such as at the Parthenon.


The Shield of Athena Parthenos, battle of the Athenians against the Amazons , the women warriors, (Amazonomachy). Some opponents of Pheidias said that 2 figures of the Shield are the images of Pheidias and his friend Pericles. See: http://www.goddess-athena.org/Museum/Sculptures/Alone/Shield_reconstruction_x.htm


A part of the Amazonomachy of the Mausoleum, an Amazon attacking a male warrior, probably a work of Scopas. According to Pliny the Elder Scopas was responsible for the sculptures of the East side, Leochares for the West side, Bryaxis for the North side and Timotheos for the South side of the Mausoleum. (A colored version, original colors unknown).


Amazonomachy: fight between Greek warriors and Amazons. Marble, sarcophagus panel, ca. 160–170 AD. Served as basin for the Tigris fountain.

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Amazonomachy Temple of Apollo Epikourios, Bassae

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