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National Archaeological Museum, Athens

738. Funerary naiskos. Pentelic marble.

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Found in the ancient cemetery of the Kerameikos, Athens
A young Athenian warrior with full military equipmetnt and wearing a
chlamys is depicted on the field of battle, striding vigorously
to the right. He carries a shield on his left arm and will have held a
sword in his right hand. The dramatic facial expression and sinewy body
recall works by the epistyle of the naiskos : Aristonautes son of Archenautes
, of the deme of Halai. The base of the loutrophoros preserved on the central
akroterion of the naiskos indicated that he died unmarried. 350-325 BC..

Επιτύμβιο μνημείο του Αριστοναύτη στον Κεραμεικό. 350-325 π.Χ.

National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece

Εθνικό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο

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