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Modern Greek military ranks are based on Ancient Greek & Byzantine terminology, even though the ranks correspond to those of other Western armies. For example, ancient hoplite unit of approximately 100 men, the lokhos, is today the name for a company of soldiers; its commander, as in ancient times, is a lokhagos, while his lieutenants are called ipolokhagoi - literally, "sub-captains" - a modern neologism. A sergeant is known as a lokhias. A tagmatarkhis (major) commands a tagma (battalion) and so forth. Thus, every officer or noncommissioned officer is in the land and air forces is generally named after the type of unit he commands.

Officer ranks

Air Force

Category Hey sup Transliteration English Equivalent NATO
General Officers
Πτέραρχος Pterarkhos Air Chief Marshal O-9
Αντιπτέραρχος Antipterarkhos Air Marshal O-8
Υποπτέραρχος Ypopterarhos Air Vice-Marshal O-7
Ταξιάρχος Αεροπορίας Taxiarkhos Aeroporias Air Commodore O-6
Senior Officers
Σμήναρχος Sminarkhos Group Captain O-5
Αντισμήναρχος Antisminarkhos Wing Commander O-4
Επισμηναγός Episminagos Squadron Leader O-3
Junior Officers
Σμηναγός Sminagos Flight Lieutenant O-2
Υποσμηναγός Yposminagos Flying Officer O-1
Ανθυποσμηναγός Anthyposminagos Pilot Officer O-1


Category Greek Rank Transliteration English Equivalent NATO
General Officers
Στρατηγός Stratigos General O-9
Αντιστρατηγός Antistratigos Lieutenant General O-8
Υποστρατηγός Ypostratigos Major General O-7
Ταξιάρχος Taxiarkhos Brigadier General O-6
Field Grade Officers
Συνταγματάρχης Syntagmatarkhis Colonel O-5
Αντισυνταγματάρχης Antisyntagmatarkhis Lieutenant Colonel O-4
Ταγματάρχης Tagmatarkhis Major O-3
Company Grade Officers
Λοχαγός Lokhagos Captain O-2
Υπολοχαγός Ypolokhagos Lieutenant O-1
Ανθυπολοχαγός Anthypolokhagos Second Lieutenant O-1


Category Greek Rank Transliteration English Equivalent NATO
Flag Officers
Ναύαρχος Navarkhos Admiral O-9
Αντιναύαρχος Antinavarkhos Vice Admiral O-8
Υποναύαρχος Yponavarkhos Rear Admiral O-7
Αρχιπλοίαρχος Arkhiploiarkhos Commodore O-6
Senior Officers
Πλοίαρχος Ploiarkhos Captain O-5
Αντιπλοίαρχος Antiploiarkhos Commander O-4
Πλωτάρχης Plotarkhis Lieutenant Commander O-3
Junior Officers
Υποπλοίαρχος Ypoploiarkhos Lieutenant O-2
Ανθυποπλοίαρχος Anthypoploiarkhos Second Lieutenant O-1
Σημαιοφόρος Semaiophoros Lieutenant Junior Grade O-1

Ancient Greece

Medieval Greece / Byzantine Empire

Modern Greece

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