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Alexander Ypsilantis and the Filiki Etaireia executed an invasion of the Danubian provinces of the Ottoman Empire by sparking a revolt among the inhabitants. Ypsilantis failed to attract Russian military aid during the campaign and his forces (i.e. the Sacred Battalion, which was made up of young Greeks from both upper and middle classes led by Nicholas Ypsilantes)[1] were ultimately defeated by the Ottomans.

However, the aftermath of this battle was responsible for starting the uprising in Patras from which the Greek War of Independence officially began.[2] Another aspect of the battle's aftermath entailed Alexander Ypsilantis's retreat to Austria after having written a forged letter to his troops stating that he was summoned by the Emperor of Austria to discuss military operations against the Turks on the Austrian frontier.[3]

Battle of Dragashani
Part of Greek War of Independence
Date June 19, 1821
Location Drăgăşani, Wallachia
Result Ottoman Victory
Greek rebels (Filiki Etaireia) Ottoman Empire
Alexander Ypsilantis and Nicholas Ypsilantes Sultan Mahmud II


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