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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Kavala

Zygos (Greek : Ζυγός) is a village, part of the municipality of Kavala in the Kavala regional unit, Greece. Population 3,827 (2001).


The name of the village is Zygos, the Greek word for balancing scales.

The village is located approximately 13 km north of Kavala. Zygos after the extensive reformation of administrative structure of Greece under the plan Kallikratis belongs to Municipality of Kavala. Located at the foot-hill of a dense pine forest, at the eastern edge of the Pangaio valley.


Zygos village as seen from North.

Panorama Photo of Zygos village as seen from Zygos hill.

Panorama Photo of Zygos village as seen from Zygos hill.


The village is famous for its football team, named Aris Zygou. Aris Zygou founded in 1933 and ceased to exist because of the World War II. The team refounded in 1946 and it's 4th in the raw of the oldest teams in Kavala. Aris Zygou is among the most successful teams based in villages. Aris Zygou has played in the fourth national league of Greece for two periods 1990-91 and 1991-92. During these years manage to win Kavala Cup in 2006.
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2. ^ Kallikratis Program, Reformation of administrative structure of Greece(in Greek)

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