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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Magnisia

Xorychti (Greek, Modern: Ξορύχτι, Katharevousa: -on), is a village that is part of the municipality of Mouresi, it is located about 4 km south of Tsagkarada. It is in the eastern part of Magnesia in Greece. It sits on the slopes of the Pelio mountains. Xorychti is located southeast of Zagora, north of Agios Lavrentios and about 53 km east of the city of Volos (Magnesia's capital). Tsagkarada is linked with the road linking with Agios Lavrentios and near Zagora. It stretches from north to south as well as residential buildings and are surrounded by forests as well. Its population in 2001 was 291 for the village and 314 for its municipal district which includes Kato Xorychti. The altitude is 420 meters. It offers a view of the Aegean Sea to the northeast. The area around Xorichti are made up of forest to the east and the west while the extreme west features grasslands and the top of mount Pilio. The village was featured in a documentary about Mouresi.


Kato Xorychti (2001 pop: 30)

Nearest places

Tsagkarada, northwest


The village features a church, several historic buildings especially one by the square. Its nearest beach lies to the east. Its nearest beach is located to the east and are situated by the rocky coastline.

Its main business are agriculture with some shops and services in the area. Farmlands are not far from the village.
Year Village population Municipal district population
1981 256 -
1991 226 -
2001 278 299

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