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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Pella

  • Xifiani (Ξιφιανή) Pella
  • Xifiani is a lowland village in Central Macedonia in the Regional Unit of Pella (former prefecture) at an altitude of 133 meters [1]. It is located 20 km northeast of Edessa and 5 km before Aridaia, in the former province of Almopia. It belongs administratively to the Municipality of Almopia. Until 1922 it was called Kostourgianni, while from 1922 to 1953 Xyfonia [2]. It is connected to the east to Aloros, from which it is separated by the provincial road Edessa - Aridaia.

    On the hill of the village is built (1857) the old church of Agios Dimitrios with its bell tower and an impressive interior decoration. The hill of Agios Dimitrios is an excellent natural observatory for the whole of Almopia (Karatzova), with fantastic views. The old public road crossed the whole village, which is built at the foot of the hill.


    Themis Bazakas, actor [3]

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    Xifiani Pella from the 1st EPAL of Aridea


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