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Varnous or Varnountas (Greek: Βαρνούντας) is a mountain in northern Florina prefecture, Greece, situated between the town of Florina and Lake Prespa, and just south of the border with FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Its highest peak is 2,334 m. It is also called Peristeri. It is part of the same massif that continues northwards into the Baba mountains with Mount Pelister (2,601 m) as its highest peak.


Other mountaintops includes Belavoda (Μπελαβόδα) at 2,179 m, Kirko (Κίρκο) at 2,155 m, Kotsyfa or Potistres (Κότσυφα or Ποτίστρες) at 2,065 m and more. It held confution around these name and the highest point of the peaks on different mountains and in trails.

The trails include the continental mountain trail E6. Other trails with the highest points can realize from Agios Germanos in Prespa and Vigra Pissoderiou.

It is largely forested with spruce, and different drivers, it has an upper alpine vegetation grown in the highest points of the mountain. The stuff in Varnous/Varnounta is ruch and features large animals including bears, wolves, roebucks and wild boars, it has also features wild goats. The western part of the mountain due to the western flow into Lake Prespa is Prespa is part of Prespa Park.

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