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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Messinia

Terpsithea ( Greek: Τερψιθέα ) is a village in Messenia, southern Greece. It is a settlement of the town Kyparissia with about 150 residents. The name derives from the splendid views over the Ionian sea, since the village is just 500 meters from the sea. Located 4 km south of Kyparissia, Terpsithea is on the national road that connects Kyparissia Filiatra. The houses are among groves leading to the beach. The region is famous for its production of watermelons.


In the old days there were "Cottage" built which were considered the best houses. The primary school closed because of a lack of students. The church is still running.

Formerly designated as "rural area of high productivity", the Messinian watermelon were available earlier than in any other part of Europe. By law, however, declassified in 2006. Vegetables, potatoes, olives and citrus are also grown.

In Terpsithea lived Polybius Dimitrakopoulos (1864–1922) near Mantzaveika. (Playwright, poet, novelist and journalist of the 19th Century.), Who was also known by his literary pseudonym Arcas (Arcas Paul).


Terpsithea has clean beaches, the most famous of these beach is Vlachos, 6 km south of the city of Kyparissia. It is a pebble beach and 200 meters of creeks. Access to the beaches are somewhat difficult, because the streets are not paved.r future.

It also has summer restaurants and nightclubs where you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes.


Terpsithea (Τερψιθέα) Achaia
Terpsithea (Τερψιθέα) Aitoloakarnania
Terpsithea (Τερψιθέα) Drama
Terpsithea Glyfada
Terpsithea (Τερψιθέα) Larissa
Terpsithea (Τερψιθέα) Messinia
Terpsithea (Τερψιθέα) Peiraeus

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