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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Lakonia

Skoutari (Σκουτάρι) Lakonia

Skoutari according to legend was founded by refugees from the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. Skoutari was built on a hill around 50 metres above the sea level. Skoutari is linked by a road linking Cape Tenaro and Gythio encircling the eastern half of the peninsula. Farmlands are in the valleys, the mountains dominate most of the area and forests covers the valley areas especially around the village, the rest of the land are made up of rocks, bushes and grasslands. The Skoutari Bay lies directly to the east and are surrounded by bluffs, rocks and treacherous landscapes.

View from Drosopigi

View from Drosopigi (*)

Parasyros and Skoutari villages

Nearest places

Kotronas, south



Longitude: 22.50667 (22°30'4") E

Latitude: 36.676 (36°40'37") N

Postal code: 233 00


Centre: about 90 m

Dialing code: 030-27330


Skoutari became a haven for pirates. It even rivalled Oitylo in numbers of pirates. A major clan the Grigorakis had their headquarters at Skoutari. Two beys came from Skoutari. In 1770 during the Orlov Revolt an Ottoman army of 12,000 men came to crush Mani. In the tower at Skoutari, 15 men held out against the army for 3 days before they were blown up by gunpowder. The Ottoman army was destroyed between the towns of Skoutari and Parasyros. The place where they fought now called Vromopigada, Greek for dirty wells. During WWII the Germans captured Skoutari. During its zenith Skoutari had 5,000 inhabitants. According to legend there in a submerged city called Bordona at a local beach. Bordona was said to have been built in the Mycenean period. Now Skoutari is a peaceful town with 50 residents.

Historical population

Year Population
1900s around 5000
1981 218
1991 148
2001 -


Skoutari formerly had a small school but it closed down due to a small population and was poorer than Gytheio that time. Skoutari never had a lyceum (middle school), the nearest is in Kotronas as well as its secondary school. Parasyros also has a small square (plateia).

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