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Pherae (Pheres) was an ancient Greek city in Thessaly (in today prefecture of Magnesia, near Velestino) . Pherae is mentioned in Homer's Iliad. Fortifications from the Classical period to Hellenistic houses and temples were found. In mythology, it was the home of King Admetus, whose wife, Alcestis, Heracles went into Hades to rescue. In history, it was more famous as the home of the 4th Century BC tyrants Jason and Alexander of Pherae, who took control of much of Thessaly before their defeat by the Thebans.

According to Greek Mythology Pheres son of Cretheus was the founder of Pherae

Pherae is mentioned by Homer in Iliad Book 2:

Troops from Pherae by Lake Boebea,- from Boebe, 
Glaphyrae, well-built Iolcus—these came 
in eleven ships, commanded by Eumelus, 
Admetus' well-loved son, born to him by Alcestis,
loveliest of Pelias' daughters.  


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