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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Petroto (Greek: Πετρωτό) is a village in Achaea, Greece, located near Omplos mountain and the Achaia Clauss winery.

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The entry to Achaia Clauss is slightly to the east. Petroto is linked with roads to Patras and Saravali as well as a road to Krystallovryssi and the Omplos monastery. Petroto is located east of Patras, northeast of Ovrya and east of the Patras By-Pass (GR-8/GR-9) with its nearest interchange west of Saravali at the Glafkos. Pine forests along with the mountains covers the eastern part. More forests cover the western part with willow trees and a stream runs to the south. Hills cover the northern part and farmlands dominate the western and southern parts of Petroto. Glafkos lies to the north of Petroto. Much of the population remains rural instead of urban. The urban population lies to the south. The boundary with Patras is partially over the Glafkosr. Petroto was one of the villages in the Achaia prefecture that lost the most population between 1981 and 1991.


Nearest places

Glafkos, north
Krystallovryssi, southeast
Saravali, south
Perivolia, west


Petroto is known for its resistance to Turkish forces who tried to kill everyone in this place. The Turks had a castle next to Saint George's church. Papadopoulos Vasileios house stands on the site of the castle.

Historical population
Year Population Change
1981 393 -
1991 33 -360 or -91.60%

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