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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Lakonia

Parasyros (Παρασυρός) Lakonia

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Parasyros is located SE of Areopoli, N of Gerolimenas and S of Gytheio. Parasyros is situated in a dry-grass and a mountainous setting, farmlands are in valley areas and are rarely founded.


In around 1900 it boasted a population of 2000. Now Parasyros has a tiny population of 152.

Parasyros and Skoutari villages

View from Drosopigi (*)

Parasyros and Skoutari villages



  • Longitude: 22.4833 (22°29") E
  • Latitude: 36.8675 (36°40'5") N

Postal code: 232 00


  • Centre: about 160 m

Dialing code: 030-27330

Parasyros was built on a hill to escape pirate raids which threatened its coastal neighbour Skoutari.

Historical population

Year Population
Early-20th century about 2,000
2001 152


In 1770 Parasyros sent men to contribute to the Maniot army in the Battle of Vromopigada. The Maniot army assembled in the mountains behind Parasyros called tria kefalia (Three Heads). In the battle that ensued the Maniot army annihalted a much superior Ottoman army. Parasyros was occupied by the Nazi's in WWII. After WWII Parasyros population began to dwindle down because of the area devestation by the Germans.


Parasyros formerly had a small school but it closed down due to a small population and was poorer than Gytheio that time. Parasyros never had a lyceum (middle school) Parasyros also has an abandoned square (plateia), the nearest is in Skoutari.

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