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Periphery: Central Macedonia
Prefecture : Thessaloniki.

Prefecture: Thessaloniki
Provinces: Thessaloniki

40.5875/40 °35'19" N .
23.036/23 °2'11" E
Population: (2001)

about 200 to 340 m (centre)
about 600 to 700 m (Cholomontas)
Postal code: 552
Municipal code: 2133
Car designation: N (Thessaloniki)
3-letter abbreviation: PNT Panorama Thessalonikis
Name of inhabitants: Panoramian sing.
s pl.
Address of administration: 2 Pachtaroudi St. near
Dimarcheiou Square
Panorama 552 36

Panorama (Greek: meaning view) is an affluent suburb and municipality (Δήμος Πανοράματος) of Thessaloniki, Greece. Panorama has a population of 14.552 and is located at the foot of Mount Hortiatis. The Thessaloniki Bypass is located to the west. The urban area are almost in a triangular shape aligning within the valleys and offers a view of Thessaloniki in which the place name originates.

The square is named Dimarcheiou square located where the town hall is. The streets are named after famous people while in the western and the northern part are named after plants.

The municipality was formed 1914 initially known as Arsakli.Ιδρύεται το 1914 από πρόσφυγες της Μικράς Ασίας με αρχική ονομασία Αρσακλή.


Panorama has schools, lyceums, a gymnasium, banks, a post office, and squares (plateies).

Night view of central Thessaloniki from Panorama.

Historical population

Year Population
1981 4193
1991 10275
2001 14552

Between 1981 and 1991, the population growth was the fastest in the Thessaloniki area.


Mapquest - Panorama, street map not yet available

Coordinates: 40°35′19″ N 23°2′11″ E

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