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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Ormylia (Ορμύλια) Chalkidiki

Ormylia is a town in the municipality of Polygyros with 4,282 inhabitants in 2011 and the seat of the homonymous Municipality of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki. It is a municipal district with the same name. [1] It is 7 km from the coast of the Gulf of Toroneos, 87 km from Thessaloniki and 27 km from Polygyros. Its climate is mild and favors the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The main occupation of the inhabitants is olive growing and tourism. [2]

The central church in Ormylia belongs to Agios Georgios (built in 1818). [3] There is also a temple dedicated to the Holy Apostles. It is also worth mentioning the chapels of Agios Georgios on a hill of the same name, Agia Triada and Agios Dimitrios. It celebrates on June 29. [2]


In the settlement there are Regional Clinic, KEP, Municipal Store, Cultural and Cultural Center, Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary School, High School [4] and Lyceum, [5] Municipal Library, Agricultural Association, Hunting Association "Hunting Association", the Association the Theatrical Association "Group I ... like a theater". The homonymous football team (AS Doxa Ormylia) was founded in 1919 and competes in the AS amateur category of the EPS championship Chalkidiki. [6] The homonymous basketball team (ASE Ormylia Eagles) competes in the first division of EKASCH [7]

M.D. Ormylia

Counting a total of 4,282 inhabitants (in 2011), the Municipal District consists of the settlements:

Ormylia (3,979), seat.
Vatopedi (191)
Evangelismos tis Theotokou (114)
Nea Sermyli (38)
Nisi (32)
Agios Arsenios (17)
Paralia Vatopediou (12)
Psakoudia (299)

Historical data

It is the oldest settlement in Halkidiki since its presence in the area is uninterrupted from the Neolithic Age until today, with the names SERMYLI the classic, ERMYLI - ERMYLIA the medieval, ORMYLIA the modern. [2]

Ancient times

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Ancient Sermyli (or Sermylia) was located about three kilometers south of today's Ormylia and specifically on the hill called "Platia Toumpa". [8]

Also, in the area was the ancient Kallipoli (today archeological site). In recent years, a coin has been discovered in the area, dating from 500 BC. about.

Modern Times

The area was Metochi of the Monastery of Docheiariou and from this time the windmill survives, which is an attraction. Throughout Ottoman rule, it belonged administratively to Pazargiak's nahiyya and taxed to the loss of the Log. The church of Agios Georgios dates back to 1818. The inhabitants of Ormylia participated in the revolution of 1821, among them the fighters Sarafianos Kopanos, Christos Pavlou and Lambros Mavroudis stood out. [9]

Also during the Turkish occupation, Ormylia was the site of the disarmament of an armed body of Macedonian refugees in 1854, appointed by Otto to provoke a general uprising. However, this uprising was crushed by the Turks. Also, the leaders of the Cretan uprising (1866-1869), Leonidas Voulgaris and Captain Georgakis, landed in the same place, which also failed and was suppressed by the Turks before it even started. [10]

The City Hall building used to house the Primary School, which was built in 1909, with the imperial monogram of Sultan Abdul Hamid, dating to 1907.
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