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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Magnisia

Nies (Νηές) Magnisia

Nies is a coastal settlement in Sourpi [1] in the regional unit of Magnesia at an altitude of 10 meters [2]. It is located 5 km from Sourpi, Magnesia, and from the point where, according to Greek mythology, Achilles and his men started the Trojan War [3] [1].


The settlement is located southwest of the Pagasitic Gulf and at the entrance of the homonymous bay of the Islands. The vegetation of the area is characterized by extensive olive cultivation [4]. The Islands are located seven kilometers from Amaliapoli (formerly Mitzela) and close to the city of Almyros. It belongs to a local community in the municipal unit of Sourpi, which belongs to the Municipality of Almyros and according to the 2011 census has 15 permanent residents [5].


The ruins of the Byzantine church of the Holy Trinity are preserved in the Islands. In the area there is also the church of Agios Ioannis and Agia Anna. After the liberation of Greece in the region, olive cultivation developed strongly. Two olive mills in the area, the first owned by Dana-Alexopoulou-Tsigrinou-Anagnostopoulou and the second by Georgiou Triantou, have been designated as historical monuments since 1995 because "they are a remarkable and representative sample of traditional pre-industrial installation, important for studying the history of the archive 6].

The later coastal settlement was originally created with the construction of agricultural huts, so that the inhabitants of Sourpi are close to their crops during the harvest of the olive fruits, which was their main income. Today a large percentage of the buildings in the settlement are holiday homes.

The sea area on the eastern shores of the extreme gull in the homonymous bay has been declared an archaeological site since 2004. [7]


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