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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Neochori (Νεοχώρι) Chalkidiki

Neochori is one of the mantemochoria villages, which had as its exclusive occupation the mining of mines with special privileges and status by the Grand Gate of the Sultan and responsible Mandem Aga, based in Machala (Stageira). There is a Kindergarten and a three-seat Primary School in Neochori, while there is a Cultural Association and a Women's Association. The inhabitants are also engaged in the production of beans.

Historical data

From an archeological point of view, there are remnants of walls in Kastelli and Ai Lia, but they have not been systematically researched so far.

It was probably founded during the Ottoman Empire, before 1519. It was named Yenikoy (Turkish: Neochori), as opposed to neighboring Paleochori. The village continues to have the same name (Yenikoy) or its Slavic equivalent (Novoselo) in recent years. Its current counterpart (Neochori) gradually replaced the others at the end of the 19th century. The inhabitants of Neochori took part in the revolution of 1821. The great fighter of the revolution of 1821 was Dimitrios Lambrou [1] [Note. 1] [2] [Note. 1].

Cultural heritage

In terms of customs and tradition, there are the two festivals of Ai-Lias and Agios Athanasios (May 2) in the homonymous chapel and which are accompanied by rich artistic and cultural events (concerts, dances, theatrical and musical performances, painting exhibitions, handicrafts with works Neochorite artists).

At the same time, the festivals are a good opportunity to meet all the expatriates in the village.

Other customs are the sanctification of the water, the lights (the bottle made for this purpose outside Ai-Giorgis), the carnival of Neochori, the procession of the epitaph on Good Friday in the village, the fires of Agios Ioannis in the summer, etc.

In recent years, Neochori has been trying to keep people in their place as much as possible, but also to keep lively traditions and customs ancient and remarkable, and looks to the new century with optimism and hope for a more peaceful and attractive future for all and especially for the children.

The church of Ag. Georgiou is built on the pre-existing church of Prophet Elias. For this reason, the biggest festival takes place on July 20, in honor of the Saint, to whom the chapel on the homonymous hill (Northeast of the settlement) is dedicated.

The other churches and chapels are Agios Athanasios (East on the border with Stageira), Agios Dimitrios (East at the entrance of the village), Agia Anastasia (West at the other entrance of the village), Agioi Anargyroi (on the National Road) , Agia Marina (North, near the bridge) and Agios Nikolaos (at the intersection for Varvara). Also in the village there is a Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost.

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General State Archives, Fighters' Files of 1821

General Archives of the State, Excellence of Fighters of 1821

From the blog of archaeologist Nikolaos Papaikonomou: doumbia-istoria.blogspot.com

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