Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Nea Skioni (Greek: Νέα Σκιώνη, pronounced [ˈnea sciˈoni]) is a tourist-oriented village located in the peninsulas of Cassandreia and Halkidiki (also a prefecture) in Greece. The population in 2001 was 889 for the village and 910 for the municipal district, the elevation is 10 m. Nea Skioni is located around 110 km SE of Thessaloniki. It is named for the ancient city of Scione, whose site was nearby to the east.


Frama (Φράμα) [2001 pop: 21]

Nearest places

Agia Paraskevi
Pefkochori (east)

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Tourism dominates the community's industry and is supported by hotels, villas and a campground. On August 26, 2006, a forest fire ravaged Nea Skioni and devastated much of the forests and buildings in the outskirts of the area. Several houses and villas were burnt. Hydro was snapped out and roads were closed. All residents and tourists were evacuated.

Nea Skioni was linked with pavement in the mid-20th century, hydro and phone lines soon followed as well as more paved roads in the 1980s.

Year Village population Municipal district population
1981 740 -
1991 786 -
2001 889 910

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