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Administrative Region : North Aegean
Regional unit : Karpathos

Myrtonas (Μυρτώνας ) Karpathos

Myrtonas is a semi-mountainous settlement of Karpathos which is located in the center of the island. It is built on the southeastern slopes of Mount Lastos or Kali Limni, at an altitude of 335 meters. It is 13 km north-west. from Karpathos (or Pigadia) and 5 km north of Aperi. To its west is the small church of Panagia, in which there are remains of remarkable frescoes and since 1950 a historic monument has been declared. [2] The area around the village along with that of Lastos and up to the west coast is included in the designated habitat Natura2000 with code GR4210002 "Central Karpathos: Good Lake - Lastos - Kyra Panagia and coastal zone" [3]. It is officially mentioned as a separate settlement for the first time in 1981 to be recorded in the then community of Aperio. [4] According to the Kallikratis plan, together with Aperi, Kyra Panagia and Katodio, they constitute the local community of Aperio, which belongs to the municipal unit of Karpathos of the Municipality of Karpathos and according to the 2011 census has a permanent population of 2 inhabitants [5].


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