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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Metagkitsi (Μεταγκίτσι) Chalkidiki

Metagkitsi is a village on the northern borders of the Municipality of Sithonia and a former community located in the prefecture of Halkidiki. Today it is a homonymous municipal district in the Municipality of Sithonia with 767 inhabitants in (2001). The main occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry. Its distance from Thessaloniki is 100 km. Agios Athanasios, Agios Christoforos and Osia Irini Chrysovalantou are the most important churches in the village. There is a Primary School and a kindergarten in the settlement, while the cultural association "Nea Assa", the sports club of Metagkitsi and the AE basketball court of Metagkitsi are active. The houses are built of stone and have a traditional color. Three days of festivities take place in the village on July 20, during the celebration of Prophet Elias. The patron saint is Agia Paraskevi. Attractions include the Dionysian Metochion, the Havria Dam and the church of Agia Kyriaki, 1868.

M.D. Metagkitsi

The Municipal District, which has a total of 777 inhabitants, consists of settlements:

Metagitsi, seat of the Municipal Department, with 767 inhabitants in 2001 and
the Saints Theodore, with 10 inhabitants.

Historical data

The settlement is built on the site of an ancient city, called Assa. Archaeologists are searching for the site of the city, located in Marmarades, above the present-day village of Metagitsi. The ancient city was also called Assira and was a member of the First Athenian Alliance. For the name of the village, the most prevalent versions speak of the phrase black earth from the red soil found in the area and the transfusion of the surviving populations in surrounding areas, after the destruction of the present village by the Romans. The inhabitants of Metagkitsi participated in the revolution of 1821. Great fighters of the revolution of 1821 were Gerakis Dimou, Stergios Dimou, Athanasios Zahou, Alexandris Ioannou [1].

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Tourist panorama of the Municipality of Sithonia


Nikos Emm. Papaikonomou, "Portrait of Fighters of 1821 from Halkidiki and Thessaloniki", published by the Society for Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki 2016, pp. 438-444, ISBN 978-960-9458-12-2

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