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dministrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Evrytania

Mesokomi (Μεσοκώμη) Evrytania

Mesokomi is a mountain village in the prefecture of Evrytania at an altitude of 870 -1000 meters.

Geography - Sights

Mesokomi is located in the south of the prefecture near the borders with Aitoloakarnania. It is built on a steep slope of Panaitolikos, east of the top of Platanaki (1,777) between fir trees and chestnut trees [2]. It is 50 km N. from Karpenisi, 70 km A.-VA. from Agrinio and 13 km SW. from Domnista [3]. The old name of the village was Ternos [4]. In the square there is the old church of the Assumption (1911) [5] and a centuries-old plane tree that the locals call "the plane tree of Ternos". It is considered one of the oldest trees in Greece, belongs to the species Eastern Platanos (Platanos orientalis) and its age is estimated at 1,200 years. Between its trunk there is a tall holly and a building that was used for the needs of the school. To the north of the village and the entrance to it, at a distance of 15 minutes on foot, a cave with stalactites and stalagmites was discovered in 1961 [7].


The renaming of the village to Mesokomi took place in 1928. As a community of Ternos, it was established in 1912 with its seat in the settlement and belonged to the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. According to the Kallikratis plan, together with Ryaki, they constitute the local community of Mesokomi, which belongs to the municipal unit of Domnista of the Municipality of Karpenisi and according to the 2011 census, as a community has a population of 150 inhabitants, while as a settlement 110 [9].

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Platanos Ternou (Mesokomis Evrytania) by Th. Giannakopoulos from the website The new era


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Community Mesokomi
Mesokomi (Μεσοκώμη, η)
Ryaki (Ρυάκι, το)

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