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Administrative Region : North Aegean
Regional unit : Karpathos

Mesochori (Μεσοχώρι ) Karpathos

Mesochori is a village on the island of Karpathos located in the Dodecanese.

Geography - History

Mesochori is located in the center of the island and to its west coast, at a distance of 28 km northwest of Karpathos (or Pigadia). It is built on a slope, at the northwestern foot of Mount Lastos at an altitude of 135 meters. The village overlooks the Aegean Sea and the surrounding area with olive groves and vineyards. Its houses retain the island's traditional architecture and its center is only accessible on foot. [3] The surrounding area and 11.69 sq.km. has been described as "Wildlife Refuge: Chimneys - Agios Epifanios - Long Glass" [4].


Panagia Vrysiani

The most important attraction is the church of Panagia Vrysiani, which is built on the only spring - fountain (with three taps) of the village and from which its nickname comes. The church is of Byzantine style, built around 1553, probably renovated in 1791 and the first decades after the liberation. It celebrates on September 8 (Birth of the Virgin Mary) for three days gathering pilgrims from all the villages of Karpathos and Kasos. [5]
Local government

As a settlement, it is officially mentioned, after the integration of the Dodecanese, in 1948 in the Government Gazette 248A - 28/09/1948 and the seat of the homonymous newly formed community is defined. [6] According to the Kallikratis plan, together with Lefkos, Kato Lefkos, the islet of Nisi and Sokastro, they constitute the Community of Mesochori, which belongs to the Municipal Unit of Karpathos of the Municipality of Karpathos. According to the 2011 census, the settlement of Mesochori has a population of 225 inhabitants while the Community of Mesochori has a total population of 371 inhabitants. [7]



Photo from the village

Glockenturm in Mesochori

The bell tower of Panagia Vrysiani

Panagía Vrisiani - Messochóri - 2

The three-aisled fountain of Panagia Vrysiani

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