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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Megali Panagia (Μεγάλη Παναγία) Chalkidiki

Megali Panagia (formerly Revenikia) is a town in Chalkidiki, located at the foot of Mount Chtikela, between the Sithonia and Mount Athos peninsulas, 16 km from the sea. Its distance from the center of Thessaloniki is about 80 kilometers. It is the seat of the municipality of Panagia. The majority of residents work in the Kassandra mines and are also engaged in animal husbandry and logging. The 2001 census had a population of 2,728.


In the settlement there is a 12-seat Primary School, 2 / th kindergarten, High School, football team (competes in the northern group in the second category of the local championship), rural doctor's office, town hall, K.A.P.I, K.D.A.P. , cultural association, and women's association.

In Megali Panagia there are many temples and chapels, the most important of which is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, located 2 km from the village, Panagouda, dating from the beginning of the 11th century and the Church of St. Basil (1955).

In recent years, there has been a well-organized effort in the village to develop agritourism. There are already 3 organized accommodations that offer their services.


The settlement has existed since the Byzantine years under the name Revenikia, in fact for an unknown period of time the Captaincy of Arabia is mentioned in the sources. The village was renamed in 1926 according to tradition which speaks of a vision seen by a grandmother. In the vision she saw a woman in black who suggested that she report to the prominent people of the village to dig in a specific area. The grandmother was afraid to mention it so as not to be ridiculed. The dream was repeated a second and third time. of the village they made fun of her at first but after the death that fell on their animals they were scared, they dug and found the image buried.

After the discovery at that point, the Holy Pilgrimage was built, which still exists today. The picture was taken in 1978.

Megali Panagia was one of the largest villages in Mademochoria, or according to others in the Common of Mademio, a cooperative that existed in Halkidiki since the Turkish occupation and was a form of workers' cooperative in Madem Lako, Kassandra Mines. The inhabitants of Megali Panagia participated in the revolution of 1821, among them Theodoros Angelou stands out [1].
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