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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Voiotia

  • Mavrommati (Μαυρομμάτι) Voiotia
  • Mavrommati is located in the prefecture of Voiotia at an altitude of 320 meters. It is 20 km from Thebes and 30 km. from the capital of the Prefecture, Livadia. According to the 2011 Census, the population of Mavrommati is 1,847 inhabitants. [1] Mavrommati belongs to the Municipality of Aliartos.

    To the east and in close proximity it is connected with the town of Vagia, to the southeast with Thespies and Leontari and to the southwest with Askri and Neochori. West of the village, in the area of ​​Kefalari, is the historic monastery of Agios Georgios. Also in the village there is a Free Evangelical Church.


    On October 26, 1825, seventy Greeks, fortified in the yard of the church of Agia Sotira, led by Athanasios Skourtaniotis, faced a detachment of 700-800 Turks, mostly cavalry, in a battle that lasted all day. The Greeks repulsed the Turkish attacks and when they saw that they had run out of ammunition, they entered the church to better defend themselves. The Turks climbed onto the roof of the church, dug a hole and threw in burning materials that caused the besieged death by suffocation. Only their leader survived, but the Turks captured him and hanged him.

    Chronology Population
    1981 2,217
    1991 2,020
    2001 1,960
    2011 1,847

    Arvanite language

    In Mavrommati, its inhabitants speak Arvanitika, along with the Greek language. Until the end of the 1960s, Arvanitika was the main language of the Mavrommatians. Today the language is spoken only by older residents. Those born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s understand it when the older ones speak it, but they do not have a good ability to speak when they speak it themselves, while the younger ones do not speak it and few understand it. Arvanitian is now one of the most endangered languages ​​in Europe.


    Α.Ο. Mavromatiou, football, basketball


    Tassis Georgiou or Bokos [2], fighter of the Greek Revolution.
    Loukas Sotirhou [2], fighter of the Greek Revolution.
    Aristotle Peloni [3] (1978), journalist and deputy government spokesman.
    Spyros Lembesis (1987), javelin thrower.


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    The website of Mavromati
    Mavromati Cultural Association
    Mavromatiou Sports Club


    Great Military and Naval Encyclopedia, volume 4, p. 484
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