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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Marathousa (Μαραθούσσα) Chalkidiki

Marathousa (also called Marathoussa) is a village and seat of the homonymous Municipal District of the Municipality of Zervochoria, in the prefecture of Halkidiki. According to the 2001 census, it has 515 inhabitants. The main occupations are agriculture and animal husbandry. Among other things, in the village there is a Primary School, a cultural association, a playground. The main church is that of Agios Georgios, which is three-aisled and was built in 1954. In the same place there are chapels of Agios Fanourios and Agia Magdalene. 2-3 km north of Marathousa is Platana, with the monument of the National Resistance of 1944 and the small church of Panagia Gerontissa. The village was one of the castles in the period of Ottoman rule and was called Kato Ravna.

M.d. Marathousa

The Municipal District of Marathousa had a total of 660 inhabitants in 2001. A landmark of the Municipal District is Platana [1], which is a place of recreation. The settlements that make it up are:

Marathousa [515], headquarters and
Platanochori [145], at an altitude of 200m. The central church is the holy church of the Transfiguration of the Savior.


TEDK of Halkidiki Archived 2008-04-22 at Wayback Machine., Municipality of Zervochoria


Marathoussa (Μαραθούσσα) Arkadia
Marathoussa (Μαραθούσσα) Chalkidiki

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