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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Mamoulada (Μαμουλάδα) Aitoloakarnania

Mamoulada or Ano Mamoulada is a mountainous settlement in Nafpaktia in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania at an altitude of 850 meters. According to the Kallikratis plan, together with Kato Mamoulada they constitute the Local Community of Mamoulada which belongs to the Municipal Unit of Nafpaktos of the Municipality of Nafpaktia and according to the 2011 census has a population of 16 inhabitants [1].

Geography - History

Mamoulada is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Rigani [2], B.-B.D. of Nafpaktos (16 km) and North of Vombokou (7 km) [3]. The village has rich vegetation, plenty of water and in its center is built, in 1913, the parish church Twelve Apostles with a centuries-old plane tree. Most of the villagers have moved to the lower Kato Mamoulada, with the result that its population is declining. Its name is probably derived from the nickname Mamoulas, Mamoulias - Mamoulis [4]. In 1912, a community of Mamoulada was established with its seat, while according to the plan of Kapodistrias, in 1997, together with Kato Mamoulada, it belonged to the then Municipality of Nafpaktos. [5]


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