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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Lakonia

Limeni (Greek: Λιμένι) is a village on the Mani Peninsula, Greece [1]. Limeni is situated on Limeni Bay which is a mile or two north of Areopoli, the capital of the Deep Mani. It is part of the community of Aeropoli within the municipal unit of Oitylo.

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 Πελοπόννησος - Λακωνία - Δήμος Οιτύλου Λιμένι1



Limeni was the home town of the most important clan in Mani, the Mavromichalis. The Mavromichalis castle has been restored by the local council to what it looked like 200 years ago. Around the coast line there are caves where Neolithic people used to live. Those caves were also used as hideouts for klephts. Limeni now harbours over 100 yachts.

 Πελοπόννησος - Λακωνία - Δήμος Οιτύλου Λιμένι3



Limeni's population used to be around 500, but due to many people moving to Kalamata, Sparta and Athens the population has fallen to 100.
Geography and Information

Postal code: 230 63
Centre: about 20 m
Dialing code: 030-27330

Historical population
Year Population
Early-20th century about 500
1991 12
2001 47

Limenio formerly had a small school but it closed down due to a small population. The nearest (plateia) is in Gerolimenas. Much of the houses are almost abandoned heading to a point where Limeni can be abandoned.

Coordinates: 36°40′40″N 22°22′49″E
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